Segregation just isn’t news any more

The end of the year brings with it a slew of “top 10/best of/worst of” lists.  This week’s issue of Time magazine(with Ben Bernanke on the cover as Person of the Year) provides a number of lists, from books to gadgets, business deals to scandals.  On the page of Top 10 Essential Stories, there isContinue reading “Segregation just isn’t news any more”

Vulnerability and hope for foster children

Kids in the child welfare system are among the most vulnerable people in our society.  The educational and socio-economic outcomes for foster youth are staggeringly abysmal.  According to the Child Welfare League of America: There are more than 500,000 in foster care in the U.S., at an average age of 10 years and an averageContinue reading “Vulnerability and hope for foster children”